More Buzz for LIONESS!

As I continue on my second month of interning for LIONESS, I am much more than excited. I am SUPER DUPER excited. I’ve always loved the LIONESS blog that was written by Jacque and the shop as well. I never imagined interning for her though. As usual, I’m still buying vintage pieces from her and sometime next week I’ll showcase all I have acquired within about 6 months!

And while you’re checking out this post, check out the interview that was done by Madame Noire on Jacque and the LIONESS shop!

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LIONESS was featured on Madame Noire!       


 How awesome, thanks for this interview Madame Noire!!!

Check out the article HERE


Last but not least, help out the campaign! Any donation as small as $1-3 is appreciated. Donate more for special prizes listed on the campaign page. Go to for more information and to donate. Also, you can go onto to to check out weekly articles from Jacque, Nomali and myself!

Have a blessed week and be safe 🙂

– Naomie Y.C, 1 Corinthians 13








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