Prints, Prints, and More Prints!


For this outfit I paired my striped collarless blazer from Loft and these really cute floral leggings I scored from Target! I’m still natural folks, so my hair is just a simple twist-out. Hopefully soon, all of the relaxer will have grown out of my hair so that it can all be fully curly and not just half of it!!

I’ve noticed that “leggings” season is back lol. It looks like I have officially crossed over and decided to wear leggings in public for the first time. Am I bad or what?! But trust me, I will not make this a habit, I just really wanted to wear these leggings. I believe in pants ladies and gentleman. I’ve worn this blazer at least three times. Loft is my new favorite store at the moment. The rest of the outfit compiles of black combat boots I got from Charlotte Russe about three years ago, along with these fabulous mint triangle studs (not shown) I got from!

What do you guys think? Who else is doing their part in this season of leggings?

Have a great rest of the week!

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