Another Chic Moment: Russell Westbrook


I must say, I don’t know about a lot of professional athletes that are known for their fashion sense, as well as their athletic skills!

Meet Russell Westbrook (for those of you who do not know him already), point guard for Oklahoma City Thunder. Not only is he fashion forward, he also stated that his favorite area to browse through while shopping is the sale rack! What a coincidence Mr. Westbrook! My favorite area is the sale rack too.


According to Westbrook, he wasn’t really into fashion as a child.

“It’s something that kind of happened for me over time,”

Westbrook also had this to say about his newfound interest in style,

“I am obviously able to buy more things I like and spend a little more money. It happened for me in that way and kind of took off from there.”


“I just feel like I have my own style,” Mr. Westbrook says with a laugh. Some of Westbrook’s teammates and friends have asked for his advice when it comes to dressing up, which also makes him laugh. He also notes that even if they don’t agree on his choice of clothing, frequently he still gets asked for tips!

Russell Westbrook is, coincidentally, becoming an influence on and off the court in different industries at the same time. Now from seeing his use of colors, taking chances with the items he picks, and having found ways that suggest that he truly understands the meaning of color coordination, I am now very fashionably supportive of Russell Westbrook.


His clothing line at Barney’s department stores is called Westbrook-XO-Barneys New York.

Follow the link to see more about his clothing line.

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