Forever 21 Kicks Breast Cancers’ Butt!

Screenshot 2014-09-27 22.19.42
As a way to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month, Forever 21 has created a special where any product marked with the pink breast cancer symbol, $1 of that item will be donated to The Keep A Breast Foundation. This promotion exists in store and online. The collection is filled with breast cancer awareness screen tees, jeans, dresses, sweaters, and blouses etc. The Breast Cancer Awareness Collection offers Breast Cancer gear for regular sizes, men sizes, plus sizes, and in kids sizes.

In the picture above you can see an example of a screen tee that will be sold within the collection. More pictures below also show breast cancer ribbons featured on jewelry.

KAB (Keep A Breast foundation) founder and designer in the skateboard industry, Shaney Jo Darden thought of skateboarding as more of a creative scene than a industry. Additionally, through this creative scene she could make people more aware of social causes and ensure communication.

With the sudden diagnosis of breast cancer in her friend Mona in 1999, Shaney sought to raise awareness and support for breast cancer. Shaney saw that most breast cancer foundations are geared toward older woman, finding that Modart’s model of bringing people together through progressive art, fit her better.

This URL will take you directly to Forever 21’s  breast cancer collection page,

If you can, please purchase an item from the collection and help donate to The Keep A Breast Foundation to help educate about Breast Cancer prevention.

Fight Like A Champ!

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