Remembrance for Dr. Myles Monroe

Dr.-Myles-Munroe Last week I heard about the recent passing of author and evangelist, Dr. Myles Monroe. Of course, I did not know him personally, but I have heard of him many times as well as other Christian evangelist and authors. I remember seeing his books in my mothers bookcase even though I have never read his books myself. Monroe, his wife, and other ministry leaders were killed in a plane crash on Sunday, Nov. 9.  It is tragic and I’m sure it left plenty of people around the world melancholy. As soon as I heard about it, I just thought how sad things must be for their family and friends and I instantly prayed for their comfort.

I also know that God is still and will always be in control even though tragic things happen to good and bad people. On Twitter, I read many tweets that included quotes that Monroe had said in the past. I read tweets and looked at articles about Dr. Monroe from my pastor back home, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant and from Pastor Hart Ramsey There is one quote that I remember specifically from looking on Twitter.

It says,

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.”

After reading that, I believed that that statement was super powerful and true. In a ministry that I attend on Sundays, we are talking about finding our purpose. I pray for blessings for the Monroe family and for the other leaders families who were aboard the plan. It definitely seems that Dr. Myles Monroe lived a life full of purpose and I am proud to say that God can now have him home.

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