CURLY Girl Blogger Introduces CurlyGirl TV!!

Hey Guys!

I trust your holidays have been merry, and I have an announcement to make…..

I now have a video channel on YouTube called CurlyGirl TV! I am very excited about this project. On my video channel, I’ll be blogging about my life, whether I am at school, home, or anywhere else! I have already started the channel and I have two videos posted: The behind-the-scenes of my family’s Christmas dinner and a “get ready with me” video that details the hair, makeup, and outfit preparation of me going to the Christmas dinner. I hope you all will check it out if you can. I really do appreciate the support. On CurlyGirl TV it won’t just be me talking about my inside life, once I have grown in numbers, I hope to also promote other business through my channel by interview. Lastly, I will be giving reviews and talks on issues that I find suitable or on things I believe you guys would want to hear about from me.

I am also apart of another YouTube channel called Gallery Girls. Local artist Lonnie and I will be posting videos to this channel. Lonnie will showcase her artwork and I will present style and beauty tips, ideas etc. I will post our social media links at the bottom of this post as well.

Here are the logos for CurlyGirl TV and Gallery Girls:

FullSizeRender (1)


I made these logos on Microsoft Word, so while they are not professional, I do hope that they are appealing. Both channels have video(s) posted on them already.

Check then out when you have the chance and give feed back on what you think!

@curlygirlblogger & @_thegallerygirls


CurlyGirl Tv (Personal Vlog)

Gallery Girls (Collab Blog)

Au Revoir

If you have any ideas on things for me to video or talk about, make a comment in the comment section below!

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