Another Chic Moment: Teyonah Parris @NAACP Image Awards

Hello all!

I was recently viewing photos of outfits from the NAACP Image Awards that were on February 6 in Pasadena, CA, when I came across Teyonah Parris looking absolutely regal! I love the way she utilizes the natural hair that she has. And since many of you know that I am a “naturalista”, you can understand why I am so excited! Teyonah Parris’s was styled in an updo by celebrity hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood ( You can see from the pictures posted below that it looks as if her hair was French rolled or twisted and pinned upwards. I admire styles like that because it gives me even more inspiration to grow my hair healthier and longer so that I may do styles such as these!

Her makeup was done by makeup artist Beatrice Sandoval ( and her dress was styled by fashion stylist & costume designer, Toye Adedipe ( Her makeup looked very natural, topping things off with what looks to be a nude lip and from what I can see, black eyeshadow on her lids. Toye Adedipe styled Teyonah in what seems to be a cream cap-sleeved sequined gown with a flare-out tulle opening that continues with the cream colored dress underneath. I love to see Teyonah Parris in her finished looks and find her to be inspiring for samples of hair and beauty.




Au Revoir ❤️

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