Another Chic Moment: Fly Guys

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I trust that everyone’s week is running smoothly so far and pray for blessings! Today, I am bringing you another ACM (Another Chic Moment) post. This one is solely on men. I found three guys around my campus and asked to take a picture of them. They were, surprisingly, completely willing to let me take their picture. Which is funny because I see so much style all the time, however, I am unsure if people will be willing to let me take a real-time photo of them! Let that be a lesson to y’all! NEVER BE AFRAID! GO FOR IT! 

Teron Stocks 

Hassan Keller & Dustin Rawls 

All three of these gentleman are sharp, wouldn’t you agree? The last picture that features Hasaan Keller and Dustin Rawls is a definite sign of the new twist on the “upcoming business man”.  And Mr. Teron Stocks’ multi-colored sweater is a picture of beautiful design that features triangles and stripes. Love the boots! 


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