a love that doesn’t leave


August 11th, 2014. Top 5 worst days of my life. My parents are away in Georgia, I’m moving back into college after living at home for a year, and the reality of my good friend Phil being killed in a car accident the day before decided to finally hit me.

Rewind to August 9th, 2014. Had such a fun time at our friend Denzel’s baby shower. His sister happens to be one of my best friends from high school. She goes to school over an hour away from us, so it was great seeing her and her family. The food was so SO good and Denzel was being his usual hilarious, ratchet self, and we got to catch up with high school friends. Phil, his best friend, shows up and immediately we all start cracking up. He looked high, which he probably was, but we didn’t care, we…

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