Dreams of an Office and Shoes

Being that I’m now 21 years of age, I’m thinking more about my career at least twenty times a day (literally!). I’m excited to be finishing off my Bachelors of Science in Public Relations. I love my major, the intricate details and factors that make up public relations. I thoroughly enjoy writing fact sheets, making press kits, and giving speeches. Public relations is all about making positive and lasting connections with the public, on behalf of the company or client that they work for. I think about how my office will be – Will there be flowers all around? What will be my theme be, glamorous or Earth tones? Will my chair be a swivel one or will I have an authentic Kings chair that’s fit for a Queen?

There are so many possibilities for an office and for even buying a house. I also think about how my shoes will be arranged and the elegance of my dream vanity mirror – maybe strobe lights for a big effect. I have a secret thrill for home decor! Decorating is absolute fun. From chiffon curtains, life-affirming wall hangers, sparkly chandeliers, to the perfect carpet that illustrates a silent story – there are so many pieces, prints, colors, and textures that go into decoration!
Moral of the story: The possibilities are endless for you! Start dreaming of the future – the abstract and the concrete!


***All photos taken from YouTube or Instagram accounts

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