Men-Styled: Fresh Incandescence

Jesse Owusu

Photo Dec 15, 6 47 50 PM

My admiration of color-blocking and color-mixing can now come alive through Jesse. A photo-op can never be wrong when you get the chance to be introduced to a new clothing brand – Helly Hansen and his wondrous jackets. Random thrifted hats are my favorite and it’s a good breakaway from the norm of the endless sightings of snapbacks with only names of sports teams on them. Pop art meets the Fresh Prince in this technicolor fit. With a pose like this, he might have just transitioned my standard for models onto whole new levels. I asked Jesse one very important question during this photoshoot – Marvel or D.C Comics. Let’s just say he picked the wrong team.

Thank You Jesse

And check out Jesse’s electric single “30 and 10” HERE


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