My Voice My Passion

Hello all!

On this page I want to share with everyone my poetry that I have written over the years. I also love to write songs and stories. Fortunately, I have been writing ever since I was nine years old. I can honestly say that as the years have gone by, I have developed a style that can range from different topics such as social issues, love poems, and poems that are personally about myself. Here are a few poems that I want to share with you all. Hope you like it!

A Girl Like Me

A girl like me is a dreamer
I think I must dream about fifty times a day
I have goals and I make plans
I dream, I hope, I long and I wish
This is how I live
A girl like me has the biggest heart
And unfortunately that is often my downfall
Though I make the most admirable effort to not wear it on my sleeves
Still I am covered with my heart, and it overflows and then the whole world sees me
Without covering, without any armor, and without any security
A girl like me is soooooooo shy
Sometimes naive and often I misinterpret the signs
A girl like me cannot speak to a guy
You would think by now I would know how to speak my mind
But if I see a handsome guy, I’ll dream that I can talk to him without looking down and smiling
All though I am unable to look him in his face, I try to think of catchy, quick and cute things to say to make him want to get to know me
Often I come up short
I am not as forward as other girls
When will I get the guts to tell you what I think of you?
A girl like me is often insecure
Worried about what the world thinks, and afraid to say what I think or feel
To not be accepted is critical, but I wake up every day and I try my best to just be me
Im not flawless, but then again, I’m not supposed to be
A girl like me just wants to get to know you
Could we start off as friends, then close friends, and then maybe you’d want to take me out on a date
Speaking of a date, a girl like me loves to get dressed up all nice
And hold the hand of a sweet guy who knocks on my door
That’s magic to me
A girl like me, yeah, a girl like me loves to look pretty, to cook, to clean, to encourage, to warm the hearts of others
A girl like me, am I too sweet?
Am I too nice, often I wonder?
I am like a girl wanting a fairytale
But don’t get me wrong
I am here in this for the long run
Built for longsuffering
You’re special so I’ll be here when the sun shines and forever more when its raining or even thunder and lightning outside.
A girl like me is honest
I’m sensitive
I’m gentle
I’m loving
and I’m fragile
Supportive of whatever it is that you may love to do
When I take your dreams, I take your hand
And when I take your hand, you take my heart
A girl like me just wants to lay my head down on your chest
As we talk about anything
I’ll talk about anything you want to talk about
And yet, I am unable to tell anyone this, especially you
You don’t notice me, unfortunately
A girl like me, it seems as though I often finish last
To be a girl like me
So very different
so kind, so sweet
I hope you want to get to know me
Because I think you are great
A girl like me uses the words “great” to describe a guy
I am so innocent
What do you think about that?
And if by chance you don’t like it
That’s okay
For it is who I was meant to be


This one is for every time anybody has ever opened a magazine and said “I want that to be me”
This is for every time you pointed at the girl across from you jealous with envy because she got the latest
Jealous with envy cause she’s the tastiest, jealous because she’s it, because she’s the one
You’re SO green you can’t even see straight
You can’t walk, talk, or think because all you seem to ever do is compare yourself to someone else
Don’t you know you’re beautiful?
Why can’t you just be who you are instead of trying to be like everybody else?
You see these are questions that I ask myself because I’m so tired of everyone always talking about everybody else
I’m going to share my story; I’m going to make this all about me
You see I put that outfit on looking for approval and I’d put this makeup on looking for approval
For a piece of satisfaction that will never come
For a compliment that I may or may not get
For a smile that I may or may not receive
This is me – searching around for beauty when it’s right in front my face
Digging around for the right look – beating myself up if I don’t win the race and even then I was beautiful
But I could never see it – all those stupid pictures and commercials clouding my judgment
Making me hate myself because I don’t have the perfect measurements
Slapping the creator in the face, telling him he made the mistake
But don’t you know you’re here for a reason
I’m the salt of the earth; I am the flavor of the month
But my thoughts don’t let me move on my thoughts keep me weak
From crying wolf to being the black sheep
This voice keeps knocking with waves crushing
Let alone the encouraging, the imagery sent to me in a friend you see
Sent to me from down above filled with love, hope, joy and peace
Capturing my spirits release and releasing that hold on me
Shaking and breaking that dark mold on me all the while breaking me free, carrying me
Shouting, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL You’re beautiful YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL
Love’s in your face and isn’t that what we all need? Love
Love makes you beautiful, love makes you beautiful

Someone, Anyone, The One

Someone caring
Someone soft
Someone patient
Someone kind
Someone to be mine
Someone unafraid to say that he’s afraid
Someone willing to go through it all
Someone there just to break my fall
Someone who comes with armor
But as soon as it sees me takes it off
As if it was never there in the first place
Someone to talk to all day long
Someone who’ll sing me a song
And I don’t care if he knows how to sing
Or if he doesn’t
Because his voice hits all the sweetest notes to put me to slumber
Someone with eyes closed
But is living with an open heart
Someone with a smile
Ensuring me of a fresh start
Someone with coverage and security
Someone who will be a friend to me
Someone to be appreciative of who we both are
And he knows that without us as stars
Then the sky would be empty
But with us here now – Our love is plenty
Someone with whom I’ll laugh
Without fear of the future
We’ll remain strong unlike yesterday’s rulers
Someone with romance
Someone asking me for a dance
Someone asking me for a chance
And when I give it
Or when he gives me one
We’ll be floating
Flying, touching the skying
Driving for miles with the top down
Someone bring in the clowns
Because I think I’ve found someone
Pinch me but don’t wake me
Because this dream is the best
It’s him
My him
My limb from limb
My bone from bone
And flesh from flesh
I hold his spirit in my chest
I bless him, he blesses me
It is with each other that we are free
It is with each other that we are a superpower
A dominating force
Hand in hand
Increasing many lands
Step by step
We keep each other abreast
Someone with a mind
Someone who has the time
Not just anyone, but someone
Not just someone, but the one

The Wealth

From the depths of the sea
To the truths that set us free
Your, mine, ours
Our wealth that’s what gives us power
Igniting us throughout
Unity, we’re built as one
We were made to stand out
We were to made to honor those who came before us
What’s the need of keeping score
I respect it just as long as you’re doing what you were made for
Just as long as you go in with some integrity
Forget about all the failures, the lies spun or the fact that you’re hurting now more than ever
Because God never promised that there wouldn’t be no stormy weather
What he did promise were the plans to prosper, good health, and a future
Most beautiful thing I have ever heard
Love letters from the great, and all mighty teacher
Loveliest thing I ever seen was an act of true love
More angelic than some doves was the warm embrace from up above
So if you’re crying, then I’m crying
And if you’re not flying then let me blow more wind
I just wanna see you soar
And not to dabble in them sins
I don’t wanna see you hurt
But in case you do, here’s my shoulder
I’m building up your wealth
To prepare for the trials when you get older
I’m letting you know yuh wealth ain’t made out of green pieces of paper
But the riches are inside you
You’ll find that out sooner or later
I’m wanting all you people to look deep down inside
Because as I take you on this ride
You’re wealth is what will be realized
Falling in love with my words
As if they were something you never heard
And I’m speaking on the wealth of the world
I wanna make sure it reaches out to all the boys and the girls
To all the ones out there down
Wondering when luck gone come around
Well I done been through a lot of towns
A lil luck came through but I done forgot how it sounds
But I got some wealth in this bag for you
You can soak it up and let it grow on you
Just as long as you know
That after this wealth gift
The rule is to reap what you sow
Just be careful of yuh seeds
And make sure them roots is strong
Because if the farmer withers in the struggle
Don’t expect their wealth to last too long


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