Buy Fashionable Nail Polish For Sandy Hook!

Buy Fashionable Nail Polish For Sandy Hook!

A horrible tragedy in the United States of America shocked the whole nation one year ago tomorrow. 20 students and six educators were murdered in the confines of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. In the anniversary wake of the senseless violence, the community has come to together, in order to withstand the tragedy.

Two moms of current Sandy Hook second graders, Jennifer Stoltz and Dana Schicker, were inspired to create this very festive green color of nail polish, in honor of Sandy Hook’s school colors. they teamed up with the very prominent nail lacquer manufacturer OPI, to produce what eventually would become “Sandy Hook Green”. OPI’s Artistic Director and EVP Suzi-Weiss Fleischmann donated 10,000 bottles to the cause, which are free with a $26 donation (in honor of the lives lost).

Donations go to helping the families who lost someone in the shooting, and they also go to work to create initiatives in order to prevent gun violence in the future — hence the “promise.” For more information, visit and check out the nail polish here at or you can click on the picture and it’ll immediately take you to the website!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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